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20 October 2012 @ 10:22 pm
neutrinos42 is now open for submissions

Are you a creative thinker, artist, illustrator, writer or journalist and would love to see your work published in a zine? Neutrinos42 is a space, science fiction, space + science fiction themed publication, released quarterly, with the ambition to display and create original creative work.
Please have a look at our submission guidelines and submit to us using the forums on the neutrinos42 website!
20 October 2012 @ 01:19 am
Hello! I am requesting a little assistance from aspiring writers like me. I have a short story, "Ambient Light," in competition at the America's Next Author contest. I was ranked #5, the next I fell to #17, and today I am ranked #20 (out of 244, so far).I feel that my story is strong and I have a real shot at winning, but the problem is that the writers ranked above me have big online fan bases that are voting for, reviewing, and sharing their stories at a pace and volume that I can't match. I am trying, because I really want to win this thing, but I am definitely an underdog up against people who have been e-publishing for years.

If any of you sympathize with me and would be so kind, I would ask that you click here to read, review, vote, and share my story. If you do share it, using the buttons on my story page will track the data and improve my ranking. This a social contest dictated by social media, and in order to make it I need a much bigger and more ardent web presence!

You can also like my facebook page and recommend it to your friends. I have writing samples there, and I will post updates on my contest progress. Please help an aspiring author out! It only take a few minutes and you have nothing to lose! Thank you so much!
16 September 2012 @ 04:09 pm
Hello everyone,

A few years ago, I created a community on LiveJournal called A World of Scribbles. My desire was to design a place where people could share their writing, participate in friendly competitions to develop their writing skills, and perhaps most importantly, receive feedback towards that end. The community's been through a few iterations, but I've recently started it up again.

With that brief introduction, I invite you to stop by and take a look at worldofscribble. There's a biweekly competition based around a writing challenge, and two recurring features, one on timed writing, and another that's completely random. There are discussion threads for people wanting to brainstorm on the assigned topics, followed by a vote to determine whose entries were the best. In short, if you enjoy competitive writing, as well as discussing how to write well, this is the place for you.
01 August 2012 @ 09:05 pm
Hi everyone, last year I came on here seeking submissions for the first issue of the lit mag Flies in His Eyes. We received some great work from writers on lj and are seeking submissions again for our second issue! We accept poetry, short fiction and short creative non-fiction. To see our guidelines in detail and read the first issue, visit our new website at http://fliesinhiseyes.wix.com/magazine

Submissions can be sent to fliesinhiseyesmagazine@ymail.com. 
26 January 2012 @ 11:28 pm

Of The Pistol (ofthepistol) is an original fiction challenge community created byslightlymore and beforeskylines to make up for the devastating lack of good prompting communities here on Livejournal. Here, we plan to enliven our pens with challenges in hopes that we can take our creativity to the next level (and have a good time doing so). This community is open to new members and we hope that you will join us and find out what it is like to indulge the voices inside your mind.

     Join Here.     
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24 August 2011 @ 11:19 pm
To all writers, poets, parents, and people who are over ten years of age:

Nina Pelletier, a friend from G+, and I are starting a new project, and we want your help! Every day, Nina posts a writing prompt for interested people, and today's was particularly evocative.

What would you write if you could write a letter to your ten-year-old self? What encouragements would you give? What would you warn against doing? What nostalgia would you feel?

What are You Doing? Accepting Submissions for a free e-Chapbook

What are You Looking For? 300 word or less letters to your ten year old self. Or stories about people writing a letter to their ten year old self. Or stories in reaction to the letters that others have written to their ten year old selves. Also, we're looking for art that can be used for breaking up pages, or being related to the subject.

When do You Want It? Ideally, as soon as possible. However, we will accept submissions till September 23rd.

How do We Do It? Go here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ag53sJnzF2itdGhCUUNfaHZPN21ieHhSVDFhWGY3Z0E&hl=en_US#gid=0 and put in your information. Nina and I will circle you, and update you regularly with information on how, specifically, to submit. Since some people will choose to write stories about other people's letters, we'll be sharing a select group of said letters with the entire group.

What Will You Do With It? When submissions are complete, Nina and I will edit everything. We'll collate everything together into a nice PDF, with a nice cover, and put it up on the internets somewhere for free. People will be encouraged to make a donation, and the money that THEY donate will be donated to a literacy advocacy group. We're taking suggestions on what that group should be.

What if I Have More Questions? Reply to this post, or email us under our profiles! Or email us directly: drewishdrewid AT gmail DOT com and/or ninapowers155 AT gmail DOT com

Let's get started! This could be another really cool collaborative effort!

Looking forward to seeing what you all have to offer:

Nina and Drew
12 July 2011 @ 10:27 am

Hello, fellow writers! I'm an editor for the new online literary magazine, Flies in His Eyes and I'm looking for writers in online writing communities to submit their work. 

Flies in His Eyes is seeking flash fiction, poetry and photography for our Fall/Winter issue. We like odd pieces, genre pieces, and any piece that catches our eye and is well-written. 

As a newbie on the lit mag scene, we are trying to spread the word as best we can to find both writers and readers alike.

Email us your work at fliesinhiseyesmagazine@ymail.com and we promise a prompt response.

You can also learn more and read our submission guidelines at our website,fliesinhiseyes.weebly.com/

 Critique_Circle, a Livejournal online writer’s group, is now accepting applications for membership.

What is Critique_Circle?
Critique_Circle is a critique and resource sharing group for intermediate and advanced level fiction writers. Membership is by invitation or application only (although anyone can watch the public posts).

Why join?
Critique_Circle helps writers by sharing resources and offering critiques. In addition, giving critiques is a great way to learn to become a better writer.

How do I apply?
To apply, please PM Mutive with a short sample of your writing (~500-3,000 words) and a few sentences on why you want to join. I will post your application to the community, and should get back to you within a week as to the status of your application.

Why is membership moderated?
Two reasons. The first is so that writers can post work under a membership lock without fearing that what they post will be considered “published”. The second is that both mods wanted Critique_Circle to be a small community of writers who have already mastered the fundamentals of fiction writing and are looking to grow beyond a basic level. (To give an example of what we mean by “basic” vs. “intermediate”, about half of our current members have been previously published. If you’re not, that’s fine, but we expect members to be trying to obtain similar levels of proficiency. )

What types of writing are acceptable?
All writing is acceptable (including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and fanfiction). Most members are currently writing science fiction, fantasy, or romance, but other genres are welcome and appreciated.

For more information, please check us out at: http://critique-circle.livejournal.com/profile
01 June 2011 @ 12:56 pm

Join fictionland !!! A land comm dedicated to fanfic and original writing! Join one of three teams (Mystery, Romance or Drama), the team names have no bearing on what you can write!
Profile | FAQ | Apply for a team
14 March 2011 @ 12:30 am
I'm always curious about the experiences of other people who write. I'm also wondering if others have had a similar thought process as me.

Do you think writers see the world in a different way from other people?

I'm very analytical about everything, and when I see something interesting I often think of how I would write about it. For example, a stroll around my neighborhood: I'm constantly observing everything around me, and I often phrase the images or sensations around me as if I were formally writing about them. Usually, this involves people. It's almost as if, when going throughout my day, I notice people whose stories I want to know more about, so that I can tell those stories. Many of the characters I create are inspired by real people I know or have heard of.

It's as if, by writing about these things, I can fix my transitory, fleeting experiences into a form that I better understand. And most importantly, I want to share these experiences with others, and communicate how I see the world through my writing.

There is a passage in a Neil Gaiman short story that really struck me when I first read it:

And part of me - the writer part of me, the bit that has noted the particular way the light hit the broken glass in the puddle of blood even as I staggered out from a car crash, and has observed in exquisite detail the way that my heart was broken, or did not break, in moments of real, profound, personal tragedy [...] (from "The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch").

Needless to say, I'm an introvert, and the written word is the best way for me to convey my feelings. Are writers just observant by nature? Is that part of the reason we are writers? And do you ever want to write about people you know, or develop characters based on people you know?