autumn_reeving (autumn_reeving) wrote in thewritingpen,

A little help...

Hello! I am requesting a little assistance from aspiring writers like me. I have a short story, "Ambient Light," in competition at the America's Next Author contest. I was ranked #5, the next I fell to #17, and today I am ranked #20 (out of 244, so far).I feel that my story is strong and I have a real shot at winning, but the problem is that the writers ranked above me have big online fan bases that are voting for, reviewing, and sharing their stories at a pace and volume that I can't match. I am trying, because I really want to win this thing, but I am definitely an underdog up against people who have been e-publishing for years.

If any of you sympathize with me and would be so kind, I would ask that you click here to read, review, vote, and share my story. If you do share it, using the buttons on my story page will track the data and improve my ranking. This a social contest dictated by social media, and in order to make it I need a much bigger and more ardent web presence!

You can also like my facebook page and recommend it to your friends. I have writing samples there, and I will post updates on my contest progress. Please help an aspiring author out! It only take a few minutes and you have nothing to lose! Thank you so much!
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